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Loan for domestic helpers

JR Credit offers incredible service and financial support to help you overcome short term cash needs.

Why are we preferred for domestic helper loan?

1. Licensing

We register and operate fully under the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore. We are a company working under Ministry of Law (MinLaw) guidelines follows professional guidelines and ethics and will always work to deliver 100% satisfaction to its clients.

  2. Competitive Rates/Flexible Payment

Speak to our loan advisors for a competitive interest rate today. In addition to the low-interest rates, we are a registered reputable financing company that can ease your financial problem.

3. We provide fast services and issue you cash on the spot once the loan is approved.

We offer online applications and cash is reimbursed at our office.

Important Note: Do not consider moneylenders that do not have a proper office address as it is a telltale sign of illegal operation. JR Credit has one of the quickest approval of your foreign domestic helper loans, visit our office today.


Contact us today for any financial assistance you might need. We definitely exceed your expectations.