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The two greatest options for buying a property in Singapore are home and income property loans. For those looking to purchase houses or investment properties, it is one of the greatest possibilities. Loans for homes and income properties in Singapore provide a number of advantages over other loan types.

Home loans

You may pick from various house loans with Home Lenders to purchase your dream home or an investment property. Our group of mortgage brokers will collaborate with you to identify the best loan for your requirements. Both owner-occupied homes and investment properties may be financed using mortgages. For all types of properties, including landed houses, private condos, and HDB flats, we provide home loans. New Build Properties: These houses have just been built, with no past owners before the developers. These loans may have periods of up to 30 years, and since they haven’t yet been sold for fair market value, their interest rates are lower than those of their older counterparts, making them more appealing as investment prospects. Existing Properties: Included here are residences that have previously been occupied by their owners or even those that have just recently undergone renovation (i.,e., The Gardens Condo). They might also be talking about older apartments in brand-new constructions like Panorama Residences, where prices have skyrocketed over time, making those apartments valuable investments right now because purchasing one today would mean paying it off earlier than anticipated due to rising costs over time.

Advantages of Singapore house and income property loans

  • Flexibility to choose your loan term – You are permitted to borrow up to 80% of the purchase price or the property’s worth, whichever is less.
  • For buyers who are looking to invest, You may repay your loan over a period of up to 30 years with Singaporean home lenders.
  • Low-interest rates and flexible repayment periods – The interest rates are among the lowest in Singapore since they are based on our prime lending rate + 0.25%.


In Singapore, taking out a house loan or an income property loan is one of the best methods to purchase real estate. Home Lenders Singapore, one of the top mortgage lenders in Singapore, offers its customers flexible repayment plans and reasonable interest rates.